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About us

jackson's legacy

The Jackson Weis Foundation was founded in 2021 to commemorate Jackson Weis, who tragically lost his life in a motor vehicle accident at the tender age of 9. Jackson, from a very young age, was deeply passionate about team sports and his family immediately knew how to keep his legacy alive.

Our mission statement

The Jackson Weis Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding youth sports programs, teams, and players in underprivileged and underserved communities. Our mission is to provide opportunities for children to participate in sports and develop important life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and perseverance. With the support of our donors and volunteers, we are able to make a positive impact in the lives of young athletes and their families. Join our efforts to create a future for our youth through sports all while honoring jackson's legacy.

Jackson's story

On July 25th, 2020, Jackson Weis, his mother, and his father were involved in a car accident in which Jackson tragically passed away. He was born September 5, 2010 in Toledo, Ohio. From an early age, Jackson demonstrated a certain understanding about how his actions and attitude affect everyone around him; so he lead his life with optimism and love, a caring and compassionate nature that very few have - he never had a bad day - and this optimism and love of life shined through every aspect of his life. This made Jackson a joy to be around and never failed to put smiles on everyone's face. Jackson was a caring and loving boy who made sure that everyone felt included and had their voices heard. Jackson will always be lovingly remembered for his welcoming smile and the warm kindness he offered to everyone he met. Jackson touched the lives of every person he encountered in the short amount of time he was given and he will be sorely missed by many.

Jackson was going into the fourth grade at Stranahan Elementary where he regularly earned the PAWS Award for being Positive, Accountable, Well-Managed and Self Controlled. Jackson was a very bright child who excelled at, and loved, math. However, Jackson’s love for sports surpassed his love for school. His fierce competitiveness and love for competing drove him to play any, and every, sport he could. He played football, baseball, soccer, and hockey, but his love for hockey surpassed all other sports he was involved in. Jackson started playing organized hockey at the age of 3 and skated with numerous teams. Most recently, he was on the Sylvania North Stars, playing with the same group of beloved teammates for the past 5 years. Jackson also played travel soccer with the 2010 Red Team through Pacesetter in Sylvania. 

Jackson is sorely missed by his family and all that knew him. we are honored to have this foundation to continue his legacy for generations to come while helping other kids get the same opportunities he did to excel in sports. Jackson would have not wanted it any other way.

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